Spring Mattresses in L'Escala

At SOMNIS MAR  you will find spring mattresses, the most widespread today. Its core consists of a casing composed of springs made of iron wire approximately two millimeters thick.

These are attached to a steel contour rod at the top and bottom. The casing is usually protected by a blanket of fibers to which a sheet of polyurethane foam can be added. To give it greater consistency, foam corner pieces are fitted in the corners.

The lids are placed on it. The cover is made up of a fabric of various materials and designs (damask, piqué, etc.) that is padded with one or several sheets of polyurethane or latex foam. Upon completion, the firmness of the mattress will depend on the height of the shell as well as the number and density of cushioning plates it contains.

The side panels are also padded and sewn to the covers using weather stripping. In the platforms, holes are made or ventilation valves are inserted that allow air circulation during the night.

The mattress can be reinforced by adding material (fiber blanket, foam board, etc.) in certain areas.

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Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattress ORI

starting from 354,00

Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattress NIZA

starting from 372,00