Latex mattresses in L'Escala

What is a latex mattress?

At SOMNIS MAR we have latex mattresses made up of a block of latex wrapped in a padded cover. This block is obtained by foaming the liquid obtained from the Heveas Brasiliensis tree and pouring it into a mold to form the core of the latex mattresses. Generally, it has holes that allow air circulation and that are distributed unevenly over the surface to create different comfort zones.

Latex adapts to the body more evenly than springs. The adaptability of latex makes the mattresses ideal for combining with folding bed bases or articulated bed bases.


  • Synthetic – Obtained from a synthetic formulation of latex.
  • Mixture: From 20% latex, to 50%, combined with foams. They are generally less prone to developing moisture and are less heavy than natural latex.

Natural: from 85% latex and the rest foams or other types of materials.

Latex should be aired at least twice a week. If the percentage of natural latex is too high, the mattress will be very heavy.

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Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress EVO

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